Nate Brown

The Pursuit of Happiness and Mountains

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About Me

I am a mountain athlete* and photographer** based out of Seattle, Washington. This website is a collection point for sharing my favorite photographs, the gear I use, and telling any stories I might have to share along the way.

*Am I allowed to call myself that? What even is a mountain athlete?

**I am only a photographer in the sense that I have a camera and I take pictures, not in the professional sense (or even in the solid amateur sense).


Photography Galleries

Each gallery contains a few of my favorite shots from different locations.  These will be primarily from the US Pacific Northwest, but will include some other locations I have traveled to.

Check back often as I will frequently change the featured photos!



What stuff do I take with me while I'm in the mountains? What's the difference from a day spent trail running vs mountaineering? Or maybe you are interested in what camera gear I bring?

I have spent years collecting, testing, and honing my kit, and I have it all laid out for you here.



Trip reports. Gear reviews. Stories. Lessons learned.

Anything goes here, and it will be as random as thoughts are during a late night drive home from a weekend trip to the mountains. In fact, that's probably where I first thought of whatever I have posted here.